Desert horses and a ghost town

The small town of Aus in southern Namibia is probably best known for the herd of feral horses that roam the Namib desert just to the west. Over the past 100 years the once-domesticated horses have adapted to the harsh environment of the desert and after many generations they have developed into a pure breed of their own. It is said that these desert horses can go up to 5 days without water and urinate less than their domestic cousins. As to how they escaped into the desert…there is a number of theories but until today their exact origin remains a mystery and probably adds to their allure. Continue reading “Desert horses and a ghost town”

Along the banks of the Orange River

Back in 2013, Wynand and I did a multi-day river rafting trip on the Orange River and we were amazed by the beauty and tranquility of the Richtersveld. So when we planned this trip to Namibia and saw there is a road running through the Ai-Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, we knew we had to drive it. And boy, we were not disappointed!

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Southern Namibia Roadtrip…with an 18-month old toddler

IMG_4429WMIn March 2016 our family of 3 embarked on a 17-day road trip to explore the south of Namibia. It was our daughter Ayla’s first big road trip and since she normally hates to be restricted in her car seat, we were a bit nervous about how enjoyable the trip was going to be. For this reason we wanted to be as flexible as possible, so even though we had an idea of a route and of what we wanted to see and do, we decided not to book accommodation in advance.  We made one exception and booked at Sesriem since we wanted to stay inside the park. This was a bit of a gamble since our trip coincided with the South African and Namibian school holidays, but we decided to wing it anyway.

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